July 19, 2024

Lenovo 80Q1 Ideapad Y900-17ISK Windows 10 x64 Driver Download

Here is a quick link to the driver pack of Lenovo 80Q1 Ideapad Y900-17ISK for Windows 10 x64 bit OS. This compressed folder is the export of the driver backup application called Driver Magician. Below are the steps which can be used to install these drivers after downloading:

Steps to Download the Driver pack:

  1. Click on the following link and download the RAR file.
  2. Use Winzip or WinRAR application to extract the file.
  3. There will be a folder structure of drivers for each device.

Steps to Install the Drivers:

  1. Download Driver Magician application.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Select Restore Drivers and select the extracted location.
  4. Hit, start Restoration

Alternately you can open Device Manager and right click on Yellow Exclamation devices and select install.

After that give the location of the folder where you have extracted the drivers.

Windows will automatically detect the driver and install the devices.

Driver Related Information Below

Name Manufacturer Version Date Platform Class WHQLSigned enable Hash guid
AMD System oem20.inf 15.301.0.0000 AMD 15.301.0.0000 12/15/2015 x64 System False True 6E0FB95E98FB39F4A29E5A18144385E6ACD4B3D44FD652B006C853E704FFA57F {7396d5ce-fff1-434d-ac78-bb1a190cefe6}
BayHubTech SCSIAdapter oem39.inf BayHubTech 04/10/2016 x64,x86 SCSIAdapter False True 306BD96BF2D740193066A56EFFCC6F035B4421034D7D4F69F00270BE2D2A6F05 {ef9f45f4-4d21-4ae9-8363-e818cb183fda}
Dell Inc. Monitor oem129.inf Dell Inc. 07/20/2013 x86,x64 Monitor True True 7ADF6908D1841DDAD3199EFCFFE00F62DE0C1DA2E3A4913CEA4B77572408B7DA {a7ae3565-5ef2-493a-9f94-7aed0473ded2}
Doking HIDClass oem31.inf 6.1.7600.16385 Doking 6.1.7600.16385 12/07/2016 x64 HIDClass False True 8C9676372BD60493B9D011D14BC5E51D121B5E1A5FB2A70F3C6866BBA65D2EDF {3553d2fd-eb2e-45a9-86dd-4b7405868bdf}
Intel Corporation System iaLPSS2i_GPIO2_SKL.inf 30.100.1816.3 Intel Corporation 30.100.1816.3 04/19/2018 x64 System False True 816C6EA21830A106CD5DF3F4EAA6DE0250D847B06F848FE86B9FF8726832940C {4ab01fa8-12b2-4fce-ad19-3903684bcbad}
Intel Corporation System oem105.inf Intel Corporation 09/22/2020 x64 System False True 953817CE5AEE7755F007EEB4F9931950D5D09CEA9ACE084A9A61E91EF1B18ADF {c4d3b5fa-6f83-4353-8845-83eb813a5016}
Intel System oem19.inf Intel 09/19/2017 x64 System False True 18ABE759B571AD2624B03539F5BD93EAADE86ECA80C9B71FB48ACBA48848D224 {177fec3e-2127-45cf-8e6e-ca0ccf4cddff}
Intel System oem82.inf Intel 04/12/2017 x64 System True True 5BAF7BC0220E06B74A038D3FA046C578CAFAB702F965C5FD75C31AADB2A3BF8A {409d00d7-14ff-45b0-bc69-1cd1e66ce60c}
Lenovo System oem47.inf Lenovo 10/11/2018 x64 System False True BB2094D056D57341E5712D0C0FA09AE9B6CCC0DD01607EC3222831CBB3B1D47D {18d09fca-6362-4500-a33c-3ab048f31f85}
NVIDIA Corporation MEDIA oem5.inf NVIDIA Corporation 10/16/2020 x64 MEDIA False True 90F4AB0D77BC5FCB00E7579D15C07C7A5BF5B9F25EA416D39EF63BF11B5D8B5E {a707ffca-49cc-474a-8ac6-d740dce47574}
NVIDIA Display oem50.inf NVIDIA 03/25/2021 x64 Display False True DA8B580A35909984A9839AF08F6592DC56010CADE134990A572B771233101CF4 {9a82854c-e840-442e-82b0-2aecd89d96ba}
Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc. Net oem103.inf Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc. 01/02/2019 x64 Net False True 7330033688E8D73AE64F88E133AD4A6F965464A510301BB46B65E9889027D1F0 {84defec9-960f-41da-8338-bc9adcfdf9bd}
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. MEDIA oem9.inf Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 03/10/2016 x64 MEDIA False True 493D4B957021C87C6D5AB89185D1A45524C41A97F3B5E268653CB8A6C0CFE50D {564091b1-b80c-4a33-8aee-1d75529f83cd}
Synaptics Mouse oem154.inf Synaptics 04/19/2016 x64,x86 Mouse False True 5804C12036B7C8E0B68004B135529AEA4D0F111694A7BCB922503F3BF2057A3A {b4e3f5ab-4e19-40e4-abb6-f7cffe824e44}
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