July 19, 2024

Command Line Tool to Convert Videos From One Format to Another

If you ever wanted to convert videos from one format to another in Bulk or using Commandline Format Factory can make it possible.

Download Format Factory and install it from the following link:


Once you have installed it open command-line prompt and type the following command:

“c:Program Files (x86)FormatFactoryFormatFactory.exe”  “-> MP4” “DIVX High quality and size” “Z:TempCCTVRaw2018-05-18” “Z:TempCCTVRaw2018-05-18” [/hide]

Make sure after you copy and paste the double quotes are correct “.

Do not forget to change the format or the name of the profile. Both of which you can find within Format Factory.

Change the source path of the files and the destination path. You can keep both source and destination as one.

After you have successfully executed the command with the correct syntax, the files will start converting to the new format.

If for any reason nothing works, you can always save the profile with a new name like Arvind in the below example and use that instead of the built in MP4 or AVI profiles.

“c:Program Files (x86)FormatFactoryFormatFactory.exe” “Custom” “Arvind” “Z:TempCCTVRaw2018-05-18” “Z:TempCCTVRaw2018-05-18” [/hide]

Leave a comment if you need any help with anything.

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