April 20, 2024

3 Easy Rules Of Automatic Backup Of Your Personal Emails For Free

You may think why there is a need to back up your personal emails since we mostly get spam emails or newsletters or marketing material. But think, it has been years since you have been using your personal email address. It has invaluable data that you probably do not have anywhere else like receipts, statements, bank-related information, invoices, flight tickets and so on. with each passing year you add a lot of personal data to your inbox. Over a period of time 10-15 years, this will have half your life’s digital content which you otherwise may not have saved it anywhere else.

Gmail Hotmail Backup For Free

This is what makes personal email backup even more essential. Follow the below steps to backup your emails with no additional cost:

  1. Create a new email address (New Registration with any name, does not matter). example: abcxyz@arvindgaba
  2. Go to your current email (Gmail or Hotmail or others), go to the settings and enable auto-forwarding.
  3. There might be an authentication required to enable auto-forward, verify the same.
  4. Put the new signed-up email address and all your incoming emails will start getting backed up on their own from today onwards.

This trick will allow you to save the next 15GB of emails starting today which should be good enough for the next 5 years at least. If you fill-up the space earlier, all you need to do is signup for another email address (and remember it) and enable auto-forward to that.

To save space you can always either delete emails in your primary mailbox (although not recommended) or can download a PST file offline rather than deleting the emails.

You can also plan to do the same exercise for your entire family by taking a premium subscription with Gmail or Hotmail of 100GB or above and keep forwarding your entire family’s emails to that premium email address. That way with a minimal cost you can take a backup of your entire family’s email addresses and content.

For all the existing emails, please connect your emails with Outlook and let your emails download via IMAP configuration. This will take time-based on the number of emails you have and overnight all your old emails will be downloaded in Outlook. You can save that as PST and then disconnect outlook from your emails.

You can keep this PST safe in the future. Ensure that you allow Outlook to download all emails and not just for the last 1 year. There is a setting in outlook to enable all mails download.

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