June 18, 2024
IF SMS then Email

Automatically Save All Your SMS (Texts) to Gmail in 3 Simple Steps

Ever wanted to access or backup your SMS (Texts) in your Gmail or Mail Account but never knew how.

Follow these 3 steps and enjoy:

  1. Signup at IFTTT
  2. Install the Mobile app of IFTTT
  3. Configure it to send SMS after receiving it in your Gmail

Done, it’s that simple. Follow the step-by-step process below:

Why would you want to do that, some of the essential reasons for Saving all your Text Messages in your Gmail / Mail Account:

  1. Cloud Backup, all your Texts are backed up.
  2. Universal search, you can search for SMS & Emails from one place.
  3. Read Texts / Share Texts of your Wife / Spouse or Kids in one central location. Like OTP for Bank etc.

Detailed Steps:

Download & Install IFTTT App, Click Continue and Signup
Click on Create and Select Add in the above Step
Search for SMS and Select Android SMS

After finishing the above steps you will start getting SMS / Texts in your Gmail account every time your phone or your spouse or family member’s phone receives a text.

Additionally, you can create a rule (filter) in your Gmail or Email Service Provider to move the SMS into its dedicated folder.

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